Top secret to rank your website landing page in Google in just 15 days

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Top secret to rank your website landing page in Google in just 15 days

Here is the below strategy we need to follow to attain the Top google rank

1. Buy the domain name and host develop the website 

1) You need to buy the domain name and later it get registered on your name.

Domain name can be taken in various forms


Always buy the domain name related to your business or blogging area that will really helps you to attain top place in the search engines.

2) Make sure you follow all the methods to seo website
3) Always group/categorize the things in proper ways

Make hierarchy in various depth that will helps to Google spiders to catch your website pages very easily

4) Get the website designed of user friendly and easy to navigate across your website.

2. Add unique contents in your website.

Try to use various tools available online freely to choose the unique keywords that matches to your website theme and helps to come on top in the google search engine.

3. Perform the On-page SEO for your website

4. Make Google Sitemap for your website

Build and submit sitemap to search engine spider crawl and rank for site as soon as possible.

5. Perform Off-page SEO to for your website

Write unique and niche articles and submit to various websites , directories, blogs, WordPress sites, wiki sites, bookmarks and web2.0 sites, etc.

6. Various variety in your website
Always have the variety in your website such as Video, E-book and Slide submission.So that people will keep visit your website.


Always backlink the various top alexa ranking websites it will boost your ranking on top in google search engine.

Just follow the above step you will definitely succeed.If you feel succeed do let me know by commenting my blog.



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