Smart questions you should ask yourself to utilize the SEO techniques to increase ranking

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Smart questions you should ask yourself to utilize the SEO techniques to increase ranking

1.Are pages well written & have substantial quality content?
2.Have you researched the keywords
3.How people may use to find your content?
4.Do HTML title tags contain keywords relevant to page topics?
5.Can search engines easily “crawl” ages on site?

6.Does site load quickly?
7.Are URLs short & contain meaning ful keywords to page topics?

8.Do meta description tags describe what pages are about?
9.Is headlines and subheads use header tags with relevant keywords?
10.Do pages use words & phrases you hope they’ll be found for?
11.Do visitors spend time reading “bounce” away quickly?
12. Are pages fresh & about “hot” topics?’

13.Are links from trusted, quality or respected web sites?
14.Do those respected on social REPUTATION networks share your content?
15.What country is someone COUNTRY located in?
16.What city or local area is LOCALITY someone located in?
17.Does someone regularly visit the site? Or “liked” it?
18.Do many share your content on SHARES social networks?
20.Do links, shares & other factors AUTHORITY make site a trusted authority?
21.Has site or its domain been around a HISTORY long time, operating in same way?
22.Do links pointing at pages use words TEXT you hope they’ll be found for?
23.Do many links point at your NUMBER web pages?

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