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Driking Water is became the very precious in urban areas due to contamination or due to pollution. Getting natural pure water is atmost difficult, due to which lot of people suffer from health issues,infections. In order to avoid it would be better to buy the water filter. The water filters are available from starting from Rs 50 to thousands of rupees, cost varies depending the type of the type of the purifier(technology used) you choose Smart ideas on how to buy Water purifier

English: Tata Swach is a low-cost water purifi...

English: Tata Swach is a low-cost water purifier that works on the principles of Nanotechnology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Types of Water Purifiers:

  1. Chemical Filters
  2. Normal candle filters
  3. Activated carbon filters
  4. UV technology filters
  5. Reverse Osmosis(RO Filters)


Chemical Water Filters

Treating the water with chemicals are nothing but treating the drinking water with iodine or chlorine dioxide . you would get in terms of powder or liquid or even tablets. Do not use the chemical for drinking water for a long time. These chemicals would cost any where between Rs 10 to thousand of rupees.

Normal candle filters

These normal candle filters are small and tiny in many water filter systems it works on the gravity priciple. Normally 2 candle filters will be applied in the water filter systems where it pushes water through small porous from the filter and collected pure water in the below vessel(safe storage). This machanism takes quite some time to move the water from top to bottom storage(an average 1 to 3 liters for hours). This is one of the cheapest machanism of filtering.

The main advantage of these systems are

  • low to maintain
  • long life with reduced in frequency of replacement
  • No chemicals used



  • No way we can reliable on the quality of water
  • Unsafe drinking water
  • Low flow rate
  • If we are not cleaning these candles it might not pure the water properly and becomes in effective in puring the water


Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters are made from the organic material such as coal or coconut shells which contains high in corbon which is also called the charcoal filters. These activated carbon removes  some chemicals when water is passed on it

Carbon filters are normally used in the individual homes as water filters, groundwater remediation, to filter industrial wastewater.


UV technology filters

Ultraviolet filter systems has special lamps or bulbs that emit UV light of a of safer wavelength.  These UV light attacks the microorganism without adding any chemicals. In these filters first the water get filtered using the activated corbon filters for removing any dirt or debris present in the water. Then this filtered water is passed through UV rays where it kills all the harm full micro organisms

Advantages of UV Filters

  • Trusted as a safe
  • Cost-effective way to purify water
  •  Chemical free
  • odor free
  • Better then the chemical treatment filters
  • Compact and easy to maintain


Reverse Osmosis(RO Filters)

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filters is the latest water technology where it purify the water using the semipermeable membrane. In reverse osmosis it applies the pressure on the water using the electronic pump where it removes the large dust particles, ions through the pores but it allows only the smaller components which can pass very easily

Reverse osmosis is normally used if the water is too much hard in it and salt content. It removes the salt content and it is one of the latest technology being used in the current market. These filters are not required if the muncipality is getting the water from the rivers or lakes. Where water content does not have the salt content in it. You can leave with UV and Corbon filters.

Now in the market all the filters has come with all the above combination of water filters. Hence look it and understand througly and decide which kind of filters you required to buy.

  • Type of Water Purifier (RO, UV etc)
  • Storage Capacity
  • Number of Purification Stages
  • Material body
  • Power consumption
  • Dimension(Wall mount or stand)
  • Cost Factor

Look into these parameters while you are finalizing the deal on buying the water filters or purifiers

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