How to write 500 high quality words in Less Than 30 Minutes

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How to write 500 high quality Words in Less Than 30 Minutes


Are you seeing in difficult in writing the articles and spending too much time to get the words for your topic.Here is the solution where you can also adapt the same and start writing the articles in less time and with great value of receiving the huge traffic to your blog website.

  • Have the right title
  • Start with the headline of your articles this gives the great start and define the scope of your post.Then start putting every thing relevant to article headline post
  • Start Writing the few paragraphs of the post, that attracts the reader’s attention.
  • Draft the outline of rest of the post by creating the sub sections in that way readers will feel the things in the order
  • Write the post – then start writing the posts that with ideas you want to present to your audience in the effective manner.
  • Grammatically correct. Free of typos.

  • Employs keywords wisely. Naturally.

  • Authoritative. Accurate in statements and facts.

  • Original content that’s not found elsewhere.

  • Specific. Don’t try to write the definitive guide to your topic: it’s overwhelming for your readers.

  • Useful. If you do consulting or coaching, what problems come up again and again? Do your blog readers always ask for posts dealing with a particular issue

  • Writing for Search Engines the easy to understand

  • Conclusion

    The final paragraph will summarize your main points and re-assert your main claim. It should point out your main points, but should not repeat specific examples.

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