10 top best ideas or tips for better blogging

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1.When you working on blogs to earn money, you need to look into various aspects

while developing the blog such as using the techniques such as using the long tail

keywords how the google engine provides the help in searching the words, provide

links to the older posts, so that the user can utilize your old posts too. So that they

will stay in site for very long, that the better chance of attracting the reader
2) When you are using your blog site for selling any products do use the product

specific tags. Always think how the google search engine works based on that use

the same keywords in your post to write the post on your website.

3)Keep in SEO techniques also in mind that the post will have good searchable


4)Have right categories in your posts, so that people can traverse very easily

in your website.

5) Always include subscriber box in your website, so that readers can subscribe to

to your website for some free incentives

6) Use social buttons such as facebook, twitter, digg , RSS icons for better visibity

in the web.

7) Start advertising to earn money

8) Use better SEO techniques and practices when writing content.

9) Write product reviews – so that readers will reach out to you to your website

more often

10) You can use various ad companies advertisements to earn more and more

money by trying out various alternative options till you learn effective way.


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